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Jira and Confluence for RTMs and My Framework

I finally finished the Udemy course on Jira and Confluence. As I watched each section of the course I thought about how the capabilities of the two products can be used to represent Requirements Traceability Matrices, and furthermore how they … Continue reading

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A Better Insight Into Agile and Scrum Roles

I’ve been attending a lot of meetups over the last few months and the one for the Pittsburgh chapter of the IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysts) was special because of the terrific speaker. A gentleman named Rick Clare gave … Continue reading

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How My Core Competencies Map To Working With Customer Systems

I created the figure below while I was working out the requirements for a simulation tool that would support analysis of this kind of system. While this diagram represents a fairly specific example of the set of things I’ve been … Continue reading

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Context of a Scrum Product Owner

The USS Constitution, launched in 1797, is possibly the oldest wooden ship still afloat. Over two hundred years of repairs, retrofits, and refurbishing has left only an estimated ten to fifteen percent of the original timber in place. I’ve read … Continue reading

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Scrum Product Owner – Basic Outline

I found it helpful to review my notes on the role of a Scrum Product Owner and place an outline here to which I can refer quickly. Three Pillars of Scrum Transparency Inspection Adaptation Iron Triangle (from Project Management) Scope … Continue reading

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Agile and Scrum Balance Needs of Different People

I first encountered the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator in 19(cough, cough…) and have done quite a bit of reading about it since. I’m aware of its weaknesses but the primary interest for me is its role in making me aware … Continue reading

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