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Approach Contexts for Potential Solutions

As I’ve been pondering different aspects of my engagement framework, the management environments I’ve experienced, and the nature of the solutions I’ve helped create or that I’ve learned about through other means, it occurs to me that potential solutions are … Continue reading

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BA Webinar Series 10: Business Analysis Overlaps with Other Practice Areas

Today I gave this webinar for the Tampa IIBA Lunch and Learn Series. The slides are here.

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This Era’s “Great Project,” Revisited

The first post I wrote here, close to six years ago now, talked about a friend who bemoaned the fact that he wasn’t working on something singularly and identifiably great. My contention then was that, while the specific work wasn’t … Continue reading

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Future Trends and Efforts in Education

I’m tabling the discrete-event simulation framework effort for today to provide a list of materials concerning the ongoing changes in the field of education. I compiled this list in order to share it with a few individuals over the past … Continue reading

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