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Cross-Browser Compatibility: My Website Animation, Part 3

Following up on the issue I discussed previously here and here, I finally bit the bullet and straightened out the problems caused in the landing page animation by a certain behavior of Android web browsers. After periodically digging around for … Continue reading

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I’ve written a lot of different kinds of documentation in my career, and I list and describe them here. Some types of documentation are formal, as in manuals written for various phases of a project, but others will be more … Continue reading

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Understanding and Monitoring Microservices Across Five Levels

Did I know anything about microservices (or DevOps, or…) when I landed at Universal recently? No, I did not. Did that stop me from figuring it out in short order? Nope. Did that stop me from being able to reverse-engineer … Continue reading

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A Few Interesting Talks on Architecture and Microservices

These talks were recommended by Chase O’Neill, a very talented colleague from my time at Universal, and proved to be highly interesting. I’ve thought about things like this through my career, and they’re obviously more germane given where things are … Continue reading

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Unified Theory of Business Analysis: Part Four

How Different Management Styles Work Solutions, and let’s face it, those quite often involve the development and modification of software these days, can be realized in the context of many different types of organization. A lot of bandwidth is expended … Continue reading

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Using Data In My Framework and In Simulations

I recently wrote about how data is collected and used in the different phases of my business analysis framework. After giving the most recent version of my presentation on the subject I was asked for clarification about how the data … Continue reading

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Discrete-Event Simulations and Monte Carlo Techniques

“It was smooth sailing” vs. “I hit every stinkin’ red light today!” Think about all the factors that might affect how long it takes you to drive in to work every day. What are the factors that might affect your … Continue reading

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Combined Survey Results (late March 2019)

The additional survey results from yesterday are included in the combined results here. List at least five steps you take during a typical business analysis effort. Requirements Gathering Initiation Testing QA Feedback User acceptance Requirement Elicitation UX Design Software Design … Continue reading

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A Simulationist’s Framework for Business Analysis: Round Five

Today I gave this talk at the Project Summit – Business Analyst World conference in Orlando. The slides I used for this presentation are here. The most recent version of the slides, which includes links to detailed discussions of more … Continue reading

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What Do I Mean By “Solve The Problem Abstractly?”

Requirements and Design Phases Looking at the phases I’ve described in my business analysis framework, I wanted to describe the major difference between the step for requirements and design. The artifacts created as part of these phases, which usually include … Continue reading

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