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“The Secret of Selling Anything,” by Harry Browne

Today I took the time to finish reading a classic book on sales by Harry Browne, entitled The Secret of Selling Anything. I read it because it is regarded as a classic in certain circles, because I have appreciated many … Continue reading

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Don’t Use the Tool Until You’ve Already Solved the Problem

The article below opened the Continuum section of the August, 1981 issue of Omni Magazine (page 35, 15 in the linked pdf). It’s interesting to me because I took third-semester physics from Dr. Eisenstein, who is mentioned early in the … Continue reading

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High Overhead vs. Lean and Mean

A company I worked for some years ago tended to work on projects of a certain size. They weren’t what anyone would call large projects but they weren’t small ones, either. They carried a certain overhead: discovery, requirements, development, application, … Continue reading

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Project Management Environments I’ve Worked In – Part 1

Most of the work I’ve done in my career has been accounted for on a project basis. I was never an operations guy, my job was always to build or fix something under a particular job code and then go … Continue reading

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Agile and Scrum Balance Needs of Different People

I first encountered the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator in 19(cough, cough…) and have done quite a bit of reading about it since. I’m aware of its weaknesses but the primary interest for me is its role in making me aware … Continue reading

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End-of-Life for Old Computers

Many of the Level 2 systems I wrote were for new mills but a few were replacements for older systems. Replacements were sometime sought simply because the newer versions were more efficient and saved more fuel, but sometimes there was … Continue reading

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