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Domain Knowledge Acquisition

I’ve touched on this subject briefly before, but I wanted describe it more directly. The simplest definition of domain knowledge, for me, is: what you need to know to create and apply effective solutions in a specific situation. Acquisition, of … Continue reading

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Structured Thought: Problem Solving

On Monday I attended a Meetup at the IIBA’s Pittsburgh Chapter for a presentation about structured problem solving given by a gentleman named Greg Acton. The presentation included an introduction of about twenty minutes, a small group exercise for another … Continue reading

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Buggy, Design Contradictions, and TRIZ (now ARIZ)

A Tuesday session of the Project Summit / Business Analyst World conference (June 20th), featured an interesting talk by the New Jersey Department of Health’s Victoria Roza. She described methods of design and creativity coming out of a practice called … Continue reading

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Multiple Paths To Victory

With the release of the game Settlers of Catan in 1995, German inventor Klaus Teuber unleashed a product popular enough to introduce Americans to the Eurogame style of tabletop gaming. Per the Wikipedia entry, “A Eurogame, also called German-style board … Continue reading

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Don’t Use the Tool Until You’ve Already Solved the Problem

The article below opened the Continuum section of the August, 1981 issue of Omni Magazine (page 35, 15 in the linked pdf). It’s interesting to me because I took third-semester physics from Dr. Eisenstein, who is mentioned early in the … Continue reading

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