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How Quickly Can the Matrix Be Solved On Different Machines?

Today I ran 2750 iterations of the matrix on some additional machines. My 64GB iPad 3 runs a 1 GHz, dual-core, 32-bit, ARM Cortex-A9 and ran the test in 1.308 seconds on load and about 1.15 seconds on rerun. My … Continue reading

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How Quickly Can the Matrix Be Solved?

The solution was finally made to run last week. Today the question is how fast the thing runs. My feel for the answer to this question has to do with the context in which I first asked it. From 1994 … Continue reading

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Theory and Practice, Practice, Practice

To know and not to do is not yet to know. This idea has been attributed to many sources. Let’s assume it is essentially Buddhist. The same idea is expressed below in terms of neuroscience. These items are saying that … Continue reading

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Zoot Suits and Not-So-Bad-Dancing

I started swing dancing in 2001, during the tail end of the craze that started around the time of the 1998 Gap Commercial (famous among other things for popularizing the 3D still pan effect also prominent in the seminal sci … Continue reading

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Knowing What’s Under the Hood and How It Got There

The downside of having been involved in software for a long time is that it’s easy to fall into the trap of not knowing all of the latest languages and techniques. One gets off into analysis and management and discovery … Continue reading

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Solving the Right Problem

The cover of the June 2010 issue of Mechanical Engineering magazine asked the question, “Can Visionary Engineers Revive Industry in America?” Here’s the question I would ask: Did engineers break industry in America? To ask the question is to answer … Continue reading

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What Can and Cannot Be “Homebrewed”

Americans (and many independent-minded people elsewhere) have always enjoyed solving problems on their own. There is nothing they won’t experiment with if they think it’ll do them some good. People have always worked with metal, wood, stone, leather, and cloth … Continue reading

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End-of-Life for Old Computers

Many of the Level 2 systems I wrote were for new mills but a few were replacements for older systems. Replacements were sometime sought simply because the newer versions were more efficient and saved more fuel, but sometimes there was … Continue reading

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