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Framework Phases Across the Proposal/Bid/Sales Process

I’ve discussed the many ways the different phases can be arranged in some standard(ish) management contexts, and how the work in each phase can be broken down in multiple dimensions, but those hardly exhaust their possible arrangements. Another important source … Continue reading

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“The Secret of Selling Anything,” by Harry Browne

Today I took the time to finish reading a classic book on sales by Harry Browne, entitled The Secret of Selling Anything. I read it because it is regarded as a classic in certain circles, because I have appreciated many … Continue reading

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High Overhead vs. Lean and Mean

A company I worked for some years ago tended to work on projects of a certain size. They weren’t what anyone would call large projects but they weren’t small ones, either. They carried a certain overhead: discovery, requirements, development, application, … Continue reading

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Listen, Listen, Listen

I’ve heard it said that you can learn from anyone, but you can only do that if you actually listen to them. If they aren’t talking, ask. Even if you choose not to take anyone’s suggestions they’re likely to be … Continue reading

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