Reproducing A Clever Animation Product, Part 18

Yesterday I wrote about how you’re supposed to be able to process conditional function parameters in JavaScript:

The teeeensy little problem is that neither browsers nor syntax checkers in certain development tools (WebStorm, in my case, I used it to check my code when editing in Notepad++ and running the Firefox debugger wasn’t getting me anywhere) will accept this configuration. The individual pieces are all fine, they just don’t actually work when you use them together.

Therefore I rewrote the code longhand and, voilà, it worked!

Obviously one should not believe everything you read on the internet–especially if you only read the first part of it. If you read just a little bit further down in the link you see that the following should work, at least in some browsers:

I can confirm that this works, at least in Firefox.

Addendum, February 17, 2017: This a) would have been better if I’d actually put the link data in the link (I’m guessing it’d be real hard to find again) and b) I’ve since learned that this behavior is one of the differences between ES5 and ES6, which I didn’t pick up on at the time. The version of WebStorm I was using was not processing ES6 constructs.

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