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A Fascinating Simulation-Based Method for Risk Analysis

While piling up the final PDUs I need to renew my PMP, I encountered a fascinating discussion of risk (and budgeting) analysis and management techniques, presented by the internationally recognized risk management expert Dr. David T. Hulett. The video I … Continue reading

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Discrete-Event Simulations and Monte Carlo Techniques

“It was smooth sailing” vs. “I hit every stinkin’ red light today!” Think about all the factors that might affect how long it takes you to drive in to work every day. What are the factors that might affect your … Continue reading

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Data Collection: Characterizing a Process

Having discussed the process of discovery yesterday I wanted to go into detail about data collection today. While discovery identifies the nouns and verbs of a process, data collection identifies the adjectives and adverbs. I’ve listed a bunch of ways … Continue reading

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