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Microsoft Excel: It’s More Than Just VLOOKUP

Yesterday’s post touched on the importance of being able to use spreadsheets well, and particularly Microsoft Excel. I thought I would expand on that subject here. I saw copies of Lotus 1-2-3 back in college and certainly read about it. … Continue reading

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A while ago I wrote about a museum exhibit featuring a large number of creative, custom-made iron implements that were displayed in a little museum in northwestern Montana. Today, as I’m circumnavigating much of North America, I went hundreds of … Continue reading

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Checking My Steam Table Functions

While I was working out a steam table page yesterday I found it necessary to graph the functions out as a means of verifying them.  Here’s the first graph I created in JavaScript.  It shows not only the curve of … Continue reading

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Steam Tables (and Thermodynamic Properties of Fluids In General)

A little while ago I was ruminating on the subject of needing to know the thermodynamic properties of materials before you could do simulations of those materials. I therefore figured I’d spend the week dusting off some old functions I’d … Continue reading

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