A Simple Discrete-Event Simulation: Part 76

Today I added a series of Queue and Process components into the pathway traversed by the sub-entities leaving and returning to the Bag component. I found one change I had to make, which was adding the ability of the ReturnFromSubJourney component to return its parent component’s componentGroup value. This was necessary so entities could test to see whether they were leaving the component groups represented by the two new Queue-Process pairs.

I changed the routing to divert more entities over to the Bag component to exercise the added components. I then found that the number of entities in the system exceeded the maximum number of 3D entity objects I’d allocated (which halted the simulation), so I changed the maximum from 35 to 50.

Everything else worked perfectly, including the reporting. It added report sections for “Ped Primary” and “Ped Secondary” (short for Pedestrian Primary and Secondary, or Queue and Process 20 and Queue and Process 21, respectively). I was originally wondering if it would create new sections of reports for the spawned entities but the way I had it set up they retained the Process Speed and Residency properties of their parent entities and the Queue and Process components were set to use those properties.

It suddenly occurred to me how to make a combined Queue-Process component, and also a process component with multiple, parallel processing positions. Both of these ideas had been on my To Do list for a while, so that’s what I’ll work on tomorrow. Such a component will greatly compress and simplify the specification and layout of a simulation system.

Last but not least I seriously reworked the basic HTML and CSS configuration.

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