A Simple Discrete-Event Simulation: Part 46

Today I got the properties and methods all named consistently and in the same order for every component type, and also included all of the necessary getters and setters (they are good practice to have–though perhaps less so for client-side web code–and will be needed when the display and external data monitoring mechanisms are used), and managed not to break anything. I extended the spreadsheet to include expected definitions for Control, Bag, and Stack components per previous descriptions, though I haven’t implemented them yet.

If I were doing this in a traditional object-oriented language I would definitely implement a base component and add customizations as needed. I may end up doing this after a fashion when I research JavaScript’s prototype object pattern.

As I described yesterday you can see the colors changing on the Process components and the Path components that feed them, according to their ability to receive new entities. I also changed the label for each component data display so it includes the component index. This makes the displayed information a bit more compact. I suppose at this point I could also do away with the labels showing when the entry and exit events notifications are going to be cleared.

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