Robert P. Churchill CBAP, PMP, CSM, CSPO, A-CSD
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
Full Life Cycle Business / Data / Process Analyst I can help you... Analyze and Document Your Process


        Systems Analyst
        System Architect
        Software Engineer
        Tech Lead / Product Owner
        Discovery Lead / Data Collector
        Simulation Engineer
        Operations Research Analyst / Data Analyst
        Control Systems Engineer
        Field Engineer
        Project Manager / Program Manager
        Process Improvement Specialist
        UI/UX Designer
        Full Life Cycle Engineer
        Web-based Discrete-Event Simulation Framework
        Graph Widget
        Fast Animation Controls
            Three.js and WebGL Next Steps
            JavaScript Memory Management
            A Simulationist's Framework for Business Analysis
                Pittsburgh IIBA January 8, 2018
                DC IIBA January 23, 2018
                Baltimore IIBA March 13, 2018
                Orlando IIBA January 29, 2019
                PS*BAW Orlando March 25, 2019
                Basic Framework
            Discovery, Data Collection, and Domain Knowledge Acquisition
            Computer Simulation
            Tampa IIBA Webinar Series
                01 Requirements Traceability Matrices
                02 Engagement Phases In Detail
                03 Unified Theory of Business Analysis
                04 The Solution
                05 Simulation
                06 What BAs Should Know About Software
                07 Testing, aka VV&A
                08 Data: How To Get It and How To Use It
                09 How to Unsnarl a Problem When You're Dropped In the Middle of It
                09a How to Unsnarl a Problem When You're Dropped In the Middle of It (short)
                10 BA Overlaps with Other Practice Areas
                11 Management Observations and Agile Deep Dive
            "Reality Über Alles!"
            Tom Woods School of Life Series
                01 Simulation
                02 Framework Introduction
                03 What Is Business Analysis?
                04 Engagement Phases In Detail
                05 What Business Analysts Should Know About Software
                06 Approach Contexts for Potential Solutions
                07 Discovery and Data Collection
                08 Data: How To Get It and How To Use It
                09 Testing and Acceptance (Verification, Validation, and Accreditation)
                10 Permutations and Traceability
                11 Practices
                12 Management
                13 Artifacts
                14 Techniques
                15 Why Use BA Methods?
        Classroom Training and Independent Study
        Maintenance / Logistics Simulation
        Staffing Model Redesign
        Model-Predictive Industrial Control Systems
        Nuclear Power Plant Training Simulators
        Medical Office Simulation Tool
        Port-Of-Entry Simulation Tools
        Thermo-Hydraulic and Thermodynamic Simulations
        Evacuation Simulations
        Real-Time Evacuation Guidance Systems
        Independent VV&A
        Real-Time Communication Drivers
        Tools and Utilities
        Systems Analysis
        RTR Technologies
        Regal Decision Systems
        American Auto-Matrix
        Bricmont (now Andritz)
        Micro Control Systems (contract through IMC International)
        Westinghouse (contract through IMC International)
        Sprout-Bauer (now Andritz)
    Tampa IIBA Study Group

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